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Sudesh Adhana

Sudesh Adhana

08 June1979, Faridabad, India.  Based in Oslo, Norway. 
Working as a freelance dancer and choreographer.


BA in modern and contemporary dance 2006 to 2009 at KHIO (National collage of dance and arts in Oslo), Norway.

Mayurbhanj Chhau, 1998-2001 at Shri Ram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, Mandi house, New Delhi, India.

Kathakali , 2004-2005/6 at International  Kathakali Centre, Kutub institutional Area, New Delhi, India.


Recipient of “Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva purushkar” for 2018, by Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi. India. 

Solo dance film “Man with beard and umbrella” featuring Sudesh Adhana directed by Sølvi Edvardson, won 3 international prizes  including “Moscow shorts 2018”, and 8 nominations including “Grimstad short film festival 2017”. 

Filmfare Nomination for “Best choreography” for the song “Blody hell” from the  movie  Rangoon, 2018.

Norwegian Dance ambassador for international dance day 29th April 2016.

“National film award for the Best Choreography", song "Bismil"  Movie Haider, 2014.

“Screen awards” Nomination for Best Choreography, for the song “Bismil” from Movie Haider, 2015

"Young artists establishment grant" by Statens Kunstnerstipend, Norway for the years 2013-2014.

Runer up "The Rolex’s Art Initiative", one year mentor protégée program with Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker 2006.

Videos of past and current projects over the years  - 



 Touring with Projects -

 Man -  Touring now in Canada  ( 8th Jan - 3rd Fab 2019) after have a  Norwegian tour ( 12th Nov- 28th Nov 2018)  through "Dansnett “, Norway. 

Deep field - to be toured through out 2019,  IN NORWAY 
March 1st & 2nd   BIT, Bergen,
 MAY 31ST AND JUNE 1ST  Stamsund theater festival 

GESTR - TO BE TOURED IN OPPLAND  NORWAY from 27th April to 12the May 2019. 

“U look like u”
project by choreographer  Yaniv Cohan to be presented on 30 th Aug. 2018 in  Tanzmesse , Duesseldorf, Germany.

“Draumfangaren “ 
new xtreem out door performance with Frikar to be premier on 5th August 2018. 

“In the vortex 2 Hang”  
a duet with Nora Svenning and Sudesh Adhana at cafe theater,Oslo. 6th oct 2018. 
more info : coming soon 

“Deep field” 
new project by choorgrapher Ingrid Fiskdal to be premiered on 7th Nov. 2018 Black box, Oslo
later o be presented at BIT, Bergen on 1st march

to be performed with 8 dancers and team of 10 skateboarders with live symphony orchestra on 18th of August 2018 in Gjøvik, Norway.  

Touring  solo performance “Man”

Man solo performance by sudesh adhana choreographed by Sølvi Edvardson to be toured in Norway from 12th Nov. till 15th Dec 2018 as part of the Dansnet Norway . 

“ Man" is to tour Canada west cost Victoria BC from 8th jan till 4th fab 2019. 
more detail info :coming soon 

 with Hallgrim Hansgård and Sudesh Adhana  to be primed on 27th April 2019 and then touring in Oppland for two weeks.

“Sapre Aude”
project received grant for research from Art Council Norway for 2019.
project will be spacificaly developed by generating movements in public spaces, aim is to generate a non-hierarchical room where viewers can also become performers.

Recent Projects  

“Spleen & Sacre” 
double bill to be presented at R.E.D on 13th of May 2018.

" Untamed Donkeys" 
Why all the Gods are male, can this be the reason behind the sex crimes against women, 7 male dancers will take to the the streets Norwegian and Indian towns, reflecting back on their ancestral, religious and social beings in the time of Media driven world.

Norwegian premier -23rdth June 2016,  Grønland,Oslo. 

Supported by Art council, Norway. RED residency,Eina, Oppland culture dpt. NIV art centre, New Delhi.
More specific info:

"But it has not ended"  

The dramatic hostage situation of 1995, where 5 foreigner tourist were kidnaped by a terrorist  group in Kashmir valley, including a Norwegian dance student who went to India to learn Kathakli dance , is supposed to be the mother on how we know terrorism today.

using Katahakli dance as a source for movements and music with interviews of people involved in Negotiations, this piece will look in to the different layers of this pressure game played by terrorist groups and state Govt.  Thus boiling down to the question what is the value of a individual ?

Premier - 15th Spt.2016, at Riksscenen, Oslo, Norway.
Participants - Guru shri Jagdeeshan ( a Kathakli Master/performer from India), 
Jon Balke ( composer/ performer)Sudesh Adhana ( performer / choroegrapher ).

Supported By:  Fond for lyd og bilde, Frit Ord, Norges componisten fund, Riksscenen.

More Info:

Engler over Toten

a cinematic dance piece, which is the pilot project for starting "RED residency company" at Eina.
Premier  22nd Oct 16, at RED studio, Eina.
supported by Oppland culture Dpt.
More info :

Cinematic choreographies in Bollywood movies-

" Rangoon " a love triangle set in the backdrop of 2nd world war, 

  to be released 24th Fab 2017.
  Choroegraphed  2 songs in this Movie.


"Udta Punjab" Released 17th june,2016.
  Movie Deals with increasing drug problems in youth of Punjab, India.
  Choreographed song " Chitta Ve " which introduces singer Tommy Sing ,     Character played  by xplosive dancer and Actor Mr. Shahid Kapoor .
still from song -chitta ve "

Song "Bismil" From Movie "Haider" released 2nd Oct. 2014.
movie was most acclaimed work of director and music composer Mr. Vishal Bharedwaj. shoot on a beautiful outdoor location in Kashmir, India.
still from bismill

Choreographic projects 2004-15

"La fôret arrive"-  outdoor project on a elevated, 8 times 8 meters Net, between the Norwegian spruce  trees, on 30th Aug.2015.
duration 15 mins.

more info:

"Man"-  Solo dance Performance, Choreography by Sølvi Edvardson.
 premier date 23rd oct 2015.

"A Flowering Tree"

  Opera in two acts by John Adams, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, choreography and scenography by Sudesh Adhana. 

Produced by  Theater du Chatelet, Paris.

Godaan- the gift of a cow” , 2012/ 2013. 

Inspired by the Novel Godaan of Munshi Preemchand.
More Info on project

Produced by Xproarts.
Supported by Arts Council Norway, FFUK, Fond For Lyd og bilde, UD/Danse og Teatersentrum.

DRE-THREE”, 2010. Based on three charcters Gandhari (the mother), Krishna (intermediator/politican), the Dead Solder.
Produced by Damini House of Culture.
Supported by Arts Council Norway & Danse og Teatersentrum 

Incident Compromised”, 2007. On the theme  of Imprisonment and Transformation.
Produced by Xproarts.
Supported by FFUK & KHIO.

The net of pas de deux”, 2004/2005. Performed on a huge net on the theme of Opposition n connection.
Produced by Ella Fiskum Danz.
Supported by Arts Council, Norway. FFUK.

The wings of clouds”, 2004. On the theme of ambiguity of clouds /modes, shapes.
At India Habitat Centre.
Supported by Department of Culture, New Delhi. India.


6 month course of Acrobatics, Gymnastics, at Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi, 2003-2004.
-Courses and extensive experience in Aerial Tissue Work and courses in Chinese pole.

Dance  projects  outdoor

“Fishing for Love” collaboration with Ella Fiskum Danz, 30 minutes dance piece performed at Sound of Oslo, May 2010.

“Dreamland” in collaboration with Ella Fiskum Danz, opening the Elvelangs Festival, Akerselva, Oslo 24 Sep.30 min

“Murder in the Dreamland” concept collective collage .May 2009. Collaboration with 13 interdisciplinary artists on site-specific outdoor site. 3,5 hours.

 DECOTE 2005. -Site specific performance, with high air balance, rope descending, 4 dancers, 3 puppeteers and 2 rock climbers. opening ceremony for  Ishara International Puppet Festival, at the entrance arena of India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Opening of the Sony’s participatory Technology Exhibition at Indira Gandhi National Centre for Art (IGNCA,) Produced by Teamwork Film & Events. New Delhi, Nov 05.

Major productions -as a dancer

“Vårherres klinkekule” 2012/13

“Again..come Again..!” 2012/13

“Stup”  at peergynt festival august, 2011.

“tidar å”  by Hallgrim Hansegaard.  based on Henrik Ibsens play Peer Gynt, Fryajuvet, July/Aug 2009

“Vanishing Point” New production with Emilia Adelöw, premiere Kanonhallen August 2010.

“No State Citicenz”  Paolo, Master student of Choreography at Khio at Dansens Hus, May 2010.

“I have a secret to tell you, please stay” Zero Visibility, Ina Chr. Johannesen, Paris, Oct-Nov 09.

“Medea” by Olga Papalexiou, touring Greece, October 2009.

“Nordic Site Spesific” by Emilia Adeløw,  in Chopenhagen, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Stockholm 2009.

“Signum Axis” choreography by Sølvi Edvardsen, premiered at Dansens Hus, in Oslo, 2008

“Pustestripe” by Kjersti Engebrigtsen ,  at CODA international dance Festival, Oslo, 2007.

 “Madonna Furiosa” -Performed in the Nordic Opera Project, in Reykjavik, Iceland, 2006.

-Full length puppet, dance and video performance, for 3 dancers, 3 puppeteers. Directed by Dadi Pudamjee. Co produced by Teamwork Film & Events. Premiered at Ishara International Puppet Festival 04, staged at India Habitat Center, Jan 04,
Festivals: Jaipur Heritage Festival Jan. 04. Kamani Auditorium, April 04.
 La Mama etc. , New York, Nov. 04.

“Game of Dice” , premiered at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi, Nov. 2004.

"Beyond Borders" 2002/03.
-Norwegian-Indian co production, celebrating 50 years Indo-Norwegian Collaboration. Choreographed by Sølvi Edvardsen.
Premiered at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi, India, 2002
Norwegian tour to Dance Theatre in Bergen and Det Norske Teatret in Oslo, June 03.

"No Boat Inside" 2002/03.
-Japanese-Indian co production, celebrating 50 years Indo-Japan Collaboration. Contemporary dance production Directed by Makato Sato, involving 5 Choreographers.
Premiered at Abhimanch Auditorium in New Delhi, Dec. 03.
Chandigar, Dec. 03. Tour to Japan, Sheetgaya Public Theatre in Tokyo and Kani City, Jan 03.

workshops and teaching (STUDIES)
-Given master class at Ignite festival for contemporary dance new delhi, India 2010
-Given workshop in Chhau Dance, for Damini Culture Centre in Oslo, Norway, Oct. 2004.
-Attended circus classes, specializing in the aerial discipline, Oct. 2004.
-Ko Muroboshi and Mika Chand in connection with the performance of “3 stages in History from Tokyo” 2004.
-Joachim Scholmer at British Council, 2003.
-Contemporary classes and workshops for Disha Dance Company, 2003, 2004.
-Participating as a Scholar in Facets 2002 International Choreographic Laboratory, Bangalore.
-Navtej Singh Johar, New Delhi, 2002.
-Malaysian Choreographer Ramle Bin Hj. Lani, in Malaysian Traditionally Dance, 2001.

production grants
Department of Culture and Tourism of India
Arts council Norway
Fond for Lyd og Bilde
Fond for Utøvende kunstnere
Royal Norwegian Embassy
Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Documentary/ film with Maria Lloyed “Silk Rout” Aug 2011, Oslo, Norway.
Nominated for the Rolex’s Art Initiative, one year mentor protégée program with Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker 2006.
Promotion video (special appearance dancer) for a Musical which never got to launched in London, shot in Mumbai, India, Jan 2006.
Short Film in New Delhi, Directed by Ella Christina Fiskum, Photographer Surajit Sarkar, 2002.
Choreographed several Music Videos for Various Artists in Bollywood, 2000-2002.
Participating in establishing the Disha Dance Company of Santosh Nair, 2002.

from Stup 2011.